7 Quick Takes -lost and found edition


Well, hulllooo lovelies!  (I just said that in my head in a Queen of England accent/voice)  Yes, I have to tell you all this fantastic story about how I lost and then found my blog....okay, too far-fetched?  I'll change it to the story about how taking care of my grandparents, getting ready for homeschool/ school, caring for my kids and lying to myself and thinking I would deep clean and organize my house - all got in the way of me having time to blog.  There, I said it.

I missed you all!!  (that part was said with a shriek!) I miss blogging and sharing photos and rambling.

 photo fencingstudiomural-painting-homeisblogcopyright2013_zps831a3af3.jpg


Josie spent the Summer painting a huge 30 foot mural for her fencing studio.  This was her very first mural.  It was very, very exciting. And also a lot of driving to-and-fro.  Towards the end, it got a little crazy, they were having a big community event and the Mayor and lots of people were going to be there, so we needed to have the wall done.  Yeah, I'm impressed with it- and I'm totally unbiased.  Totally.


Okay here is the finished wall.  And yeah, I'm still gushing...

 photo mural-artampphotocopyrighthomeisblog-2013_zps8f2cf3d8.jpg


I already mentioned that Josie was accepted into a performing arts highschool?  Yes, gushing again.  She is doing great, I was wondering how it would all go, with being homeschooled her whole school career so far, and add in the fact that the school runs till 5:00 4 days a week- yeah, it was a big adjustment for her and for us, but she seems to be thriving and loving it there.


Things are going better with my grandparents. Grandma is better and back home.  Things with grandfather are not so good, he is confused mentally, we had adult protective services out and they determined that he is in a sort of middle-ground, not impaired enough to be declared incompetent, but impaired enough to cause problems.  We have been looking into putting him on medicaid and wow, the whole thing is extremely confusing.  Even with my pretty-good internet research skills, I still don't know if they would qualify.  We are looking into hiring an elder care attorney to help us with the medicaid stuff.  I'm frustrated that it is so complicated.

 photo familyfair-homeisblogcopyright2013_zps9d2a5674.jpg


We did the family-fair-thing.  It's tradition!!  Sky, Josie and Amie all had art entered.  Sky's was woodworking (of course)

It's tradition, and we are mostly there for the food.  {truth}


Meg was just accepted into the police explorer's program.  We are so proud that she is so gung-ho with initiative.  When she first announced her interest in a local urban force, the first thing out of my mouth was "oh sweetie, but what about Irvine?"  (Irvine is like one of the top safest cities)....turns out, it is still all about horses with Meg and the reason she is interested in the area she chose. I try not to think about it all too hard.  She is taking a full load at community college, we are really proud at how hard she is working and how diligent she is.  And yeah, she did dye half her hair blue with purple tips...

So friends, how was your Summer?

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