notes from the desert

I am in actual desert here, but not just physically, it feels that way a bit because I am separated from home life.  My grandmother was in the hospital for one week, and now she has been at a nursing care facility for one week.  They think now, that she has a heart problem and might need a pacemaker.  My sister and I are taking turns caring for our grandfather and driving him each day to visit our grandmother.  My grandfather has symptoms of dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease but we don't have a diagnosis because he will not go see a Dr.  He will also not shower or put on clean clothes, and also used to have/still has an epic temper.   After I made him shower and put on clean clothes today, which we had a fight about, and then brought him home from visiting grandma (a half-hour drive from his house) I dropped him off (he eats toast with jiff and jam on it for lunch everyday) because he can get his own lunch, and then went to panera for a bite and to just decompress.  It's really hard to be at his house with all his fussing and because, despite living in the desert, he hardly ever turns on the air conditioning.  So, I'm chilling here for a bit, browsing the internets and then I will head back and prepare his dinner and then drive home.  I've been staying some nights over at my sister's house (which is fun in a spend-the-night-with-your-sister sort of way) but I am such a homebody that I am homesick, so I will make the drive home.  Sky promised to take me out to dinner, then I need to get a run in (funny how you start to crave running when you miss it for a day or two) and then I'm going to sit on the couch, watch some Big Bang Theory with Sky (we just started it a few weeks ago and are only on season 3) and spend some time with my poor doggy who misses me. we disabled grandfather's car, so he can't drive anywhere- and he's pretty canny, so he's on to us I think and keeps trying to start fights about it. Fun, fun, fun.


so, that' my report from grandfather land

I think I need to go shoe shopping or something similarly soothing...