Ultimate Blog Party 2013 -Welcome!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Welcome to my little spot on the internets :)

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My name is Jenn, I'm the mad-blogger/ Bridget Jones -A.D.D. Mom / homeschool-mom.

I've had the title of blogger since 2006  (wow- I can't believe I've been blogging so long!) and I did my very first UBP with 5 minutes for Mom way back in 2007.

So, let's get this party started!  Come on in, make yourself at home.  There are tabs on the top of the blog about our homeschooling, our books, etc. and a subject cloud on the sidebar.  There is plenty of diet coke on the patio.... pour yourself a cup-a-cuppa...

I write about family life, homeschooling, books I/ we read (I love books) materials we use in our homeschool, our adventures, our faith, my constant tries at organization/cooking/laundry...I am under-gifted in the domestic department.

Diet coke, dark chocolate and all things carb keep me going.  If procrastination was an Olympic event, I'd have several gold medals by now.  I'd rather walk than run, I like to say I  do yoga, but it is rather, uh sporadic.  I like to paint, read, learn about photography, putter.  I have mad puttering-skills. <For real.>

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Our kids are:  Meg -senior, high school, Josie- 10th grade,Demi-Sky7th grade, and Amie5th grade.  I homeschool all of them, and until this year, I had a bonus student.  (No, these are not their real names)

We have always homeschooled, it's just what we do, and frankly the public schools in my area are among the lowest performing in the State.  We started homeschooling when we realized we would not be able to afford the church private school we had looked forward to...for 4 kids.  Once we started, we were hooked and never looked back. <maybe?> Our high school students are enrolled in a few classes with the Biola Star program.  Biola University runs homeschool  classes at different satellite campuses.  These classes are top-notch and rigorous.  Rigorous is good, because I am a softie.... Demi is taking a short 8 week Creative Writing class with them. I teach the other subjects at home.

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But, the winds of change are blowing; our oldest, Meg, will be graduating this year and starting college.  And then, Josie decided she wanted to apply to the performing arts high school in our area (a charter school).  We just received notice that she was accepted,  next year my life is going to look very different.  I have gone from homeschooling 5 last year, to homeschooling 4 this year, and then to homeschooling 2 next year.

Change is always good, though.  I am currently looking for new adventures/mishaps :)

Sky is my husband and best friend.  He is an artist with woodworking and is a building inspector for schools and hospitals. He is usually my co-pilot for adventure, though any adventures prefaced with the title "hair-brained" are all my own doing- like the time I decided to go to Singapore right during the height of swine-flu pandemic, or the time I decided to start Irish dance, or the time I went to Canada and forgot I was in a different country. {{Homeschool-mom geography fail!!}}

or the time...oh, you get the idea...

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We have a labradoodle, Emma who owns a big corner of my heart, and my nemesis, Evil-Kitty a.k.a Oliver who is a favorite photograph subject here on the blog.  Make no mistake though,  the cat truly is my frenemy and is trying to slowly drive me crazy. Well, that probably covers it.

My name is Jenn and I'm an introvert who likes to talk/write...and this is my spot.

{{Welcome to my crazy life, I love making friends,

please leave a comment so I can visit you!}}

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