Circle of Moms video series: The Mom that Does it All

Sponsored~ I think that my role of homeschool mom pretty much lines me up as a mom who likes to be in charge of all the little details.  This also lines me up to be a mom that puts pressure on herself to do it all.  This age of social media, which I have embraced, also piles on a lot of expectation and comparison.  I love my pinterest boards; in one way, they make my life much easier by being a place I can bookmark ideas and recipes- but I fear that pinterest also sets up a lot unrealistic expectations on moms.

This Circle of Moms video series in partnership with Kia deals with this high pressure we moms seem to place on ourselves. I liked that this  latest video segment with Tia Mowry and other mom friends was upbeat and helpful.  I liked that Tia said that she reminds herself to "take an hour at a time" and that "not everything is going to be perfect, and that's okay".  The moms touched on the role of social media and the pressure to compare.

Okay, I had two spots that jumped out at me during the latest video from Circle of Moms by POPSUGAR -the first high-spot was the discussion on teaching a child to ride a bike>>filmed in the all New 2014 Kia Sorento -this caught my interest because my last van was a Kia Sorento but was several years old, I was interested to see how it has changed...and I could not tear my eyes away from the double sun roofs in the segment.  I heart sunroofs!  My current ride- which is used, has a sunroof and I really believe it has helped with my depression- having that natural sunlight on me daily as I do errands.   So...sunroofs (plural) ~I was mesmerized.  I also liked the ending segment on showing other moms gratitude.  The moms offered several ideas on how to simply show another mom how much you appreciate them.  We could all use a little appreciation these days, yes?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kia through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to review the Kia Motors video and write a review, all opinions are my own