P90X by the numbers with photo evidence

Alternate title...ouch...

But first, I guess I should get real and "out" myself a bit.  Okay, deep breath...here goes...


Here is a photo taken Spring of 2012 that changed everything.  I actually didn't realize it was me for a second.  I saw this photo and decided that something needed to be done, and-how.  I vowed to myself that this photo would be buried and deleted from memory, hidden away even from family...um, but here I am sharing it on the blawg.   I really, really love you, bloggy-friends!   (Actually, I did some soul-searching and realized I really appreciate inspirational weight loss blogs that show before and after pics)  crossing my fingers that the "no-pin" code will actually work.  Can you imagine the screams echoing if i signed onto pinterest one day and saw this photo being pinned all-over??

I read good things about p90x on a forum I hang out on, and decided to go for it.  In the past when I've needed to lose weight, I've done the Jenny Craig route. But frankly, it is expensive- even though I know how to streamline it to bring the cost down (and I am a lifetime member) and I just couldn't face eating the packaged food again.

P90x is advertised as an extreme fitness program- which did scare me a bit, so I decided to take a few weeks to shape up a bit with the 30Day Shred.  I am so glad I did this.  I have done the Shred before, but never stuck with it past 2 weeks- this time around, I didn't see any significant change in my fitness level until week 3- at this point the workout became easy for me and I was able to go to a higher level.  By the end of the month, I was alternating between level 2 and 3 and some days doing two workouts.


By May 20th I had lost 4lbs and I could see a difference (129lbs).  I was already pleased at how smaller I was looking, though I was still pretty bottom-heavy.  A few weeks later,  I hit the 8lb mark and could fit (barely) into my "skinny jeans".  I was really happy, but still had to wear a loose shirt to hide the muffin top being poured into my skinny jeans caused... Hey, I admit, I am a slave to fashion sometimes...

Here are my beginning stats:  This was when I began counting calories with My Fitness Pal and I began working out with the 30Day Shred video

May 7, 2012

Weight 133.5

waist: 30″ hips: 37″

June 11, 2012 my first day with p90x

Weight 125 lbs

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