a quick check-in

Hey bloggy friends!  Oh my, boy have I been absent, and-how! So, much going on...where to start?  First up, it is year-end for our homeschooling.  I am finishing up projects with my high schoolers and having last meetings.

I started exercising daily- more than my sporadic walks around the block.  I am trying to gear up to start P90x but felt that I needed to do something first, since I was pretty much starting from couch-potato status.

I'm doing well with it, so far.  I've lost 4 lbs but seem to be stalled out there.  I really, really hate being on a diet, I just want it to be over quick so I can go back to gluttony.  Gluttony involving breads, chocolate and bagels preferred....


where was I??

Ahem.  I went to a photography class last weekend.  Finally, someone took physical hold of my nikon and showed me how to find all the menus on it and how to change all the settings!  Insert rolling smiley face here>>

I went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Long Beach tonight.  I've been so busy I was only able to get there for an evening session.  I will be there tomorrow, too.

It has been something like 9 years since I last attended a homeschool convention (stuff for a later post) -and I am so excited to be at this one.  I forgot how much I love to hold new curriculum in my hot little hands!  I spent some time visiting the My Father's World booth, looking over their high school courses and chatting with the nice ladies there.  Oh, somebody please stop me!!!  I just can't give up the great hope of one day finding the ultimate curriculum that I wouldn't need to tweak to death!!

A girl can dream.

I hope you all have a great Memorial weekend, I am looking forward to things slowing down and to getting back into the blogging groove, I miss my blog-friends!

Happy trails, friends!  :)