Quick Takes Sunday



30:  The number of games Demi-Sky won, straight in a row, against the Bible College boys.  The game: Connect four.

The boys, they were humbled.



The hens will not sleep in their coop anymore.  At dusk, they now roost in various places. Sky's garage-workshop is a favorite, comfy, safe spot.  Here is Dapples making herself at home on the skill-saw. (I'll share more in a later post about why the hens will not roost in their coop anymore)



Sky recently finished a bench with a slate-tile top.  It now sits underneath our big window in the front room.

I love this man <3



Christmas Eve with family.  We spent the evening with my dad and step-mom, and then at Sky's big/ginormous Family Christmas Eve Party.  We are talking big family plus cousins plus their children's big families.  It is big, noisy, fun, familiar.  Tamales are served every year.  It's tradition.


Sky's sister also makes those peanut butter blossom cookies. You know the kind, the ones with a hershey kiss in the center?  Yum. There is a reason I do not make these at home.  I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Amen.



The grand-kids and cousins shared their musical talent.  Most involved the piano (hard to get a good photo of a little noggin peaking behind the piano)  Here is Meg playing her fiddle.  She prepared traditional Christmas music to share, but the crowd demanded music from Lord of the Rings as a finale.  Yes, she can play them by heart.


We just ended our week-long Bible conference.  Our final guests have packed up and departed, it was a very busy but full week.  Full of love, family, friendship, fellowship, music, worship, deep Bible truths.  The topic this year was the second half of the book of Psalms. New Year's Eve was the last night of the conference.  Something about ushering in a new year makes things seem so much more urgent, more pressing and more personal.  I'm struggling to get my thoughts into sharable order.

We begin the new week, getting our house in order, catching up on lost sleep, and preparing for the New Year.  I am looking forward to new resolve, new routines, new school work.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!

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