Science in the homeschool - what to do?

I'm in a quandry, I do not know what to do about Science.  I had a Science program picked out, it was a course completely done on the computer.  Well, we started an English program by the same company, and... it was dry, and I felt like I was dragging the kids through each lesson.  I congratulated  myself for the procrastination that kept me from ordering the Science program, at least I am not out money for it.  But now I have no Science program for my two 6th graders and my 4th grader.  (I prefer to teach this subject to them as a group).

I'm not even sure what my feelings about Science are.  As an adult, I actually enjoy reading Scientific articles -to a point (still love my fiction!)  but for some reason, though I enjoy learning, Science has never really been high on my priorities in homeschool.  It's been hit & miss around here, mostly Science explored by a topic and not usually consistently.  In the young years, natural Science seems to happen around here uh- naturally... We are big on animals and plants around here.

So, mostly Science is not forefront on my mind, when I think "education".  And yet, I do feel strongly about being well-rounded, and I do feel that American children are at a disadvantage compared to other countries- with the dismal educational expectations we have on our students in the areas of Math and Science.  When I think about it, I do think Science is important. (when I think about it....)

So, I am looking around and see programs like Singapore Science- a country where education seems to be happening...not so much here in the U.S. -and I decide to hit the 'buy now' button...but then I read about the books being on the thin side, because Science there (and in other countries) is teacher driven, the Science teacher (with a Science education) is the driving force behind the subject, the books just flesh out what is being taught in the classroom.  So...I'm thinking I won't be the driving force behind the subject, I am not a Science, now I am looking around for something to help me teach real Science. I want it to not waste my time. I want learning to happen and to drive what we do, not just slog through it, filling in the blanks of the question. I want integrated and deep...American PS text books seem to be a mile wide in subjects, 1/2 inch deep and distracting with colorful ADD boxes and graphs. Pretty but little content.  I want to see that Physical Science drives Chemistry, which drives Biology- that it all builds on each.  I don't want to have to buy 9 separate books (student text, workbook, lab book, teacher manual, test answers, etc..gag) and I really like some kind of worksheet to reinforce what we are reading and to reinforce our experiments.

too much to ask for?

Help!  I need something for Science!

I am about to push 'buy now'  for Science 4 kids.

Any other homeschool moms caught between wanting the best program out there - and the reality of what mom will actually get out and teach?

*We have tried Noeo Science - did not like jumping around and the experiments did not work out so well for us.  *Didn't like jumping around with Sonlight Science either.   Did Apologia's Exploring Creation with was enjoyable, but a bit soft and ramble-y.  I really enjoyed Abeka's style of Health readers- a reader and workbook in one book, but their Science is not set up that way.!

So, what does Science look like at your house?  Are you happy with what you do?  Any recommendations?