thinking, thinking...

So, where to start?

  • I've been very busy with our back to homeschool. Complications from using 2 different charter schools, several different outside lessons and Biola Star Program classes for my's actually more than my brain can handle. Somehow I keep all the balls spinning, but the casualty seems to be my concentration.  Hence, no blogging.  I sit here in front of my computer and either sit passively reading twitter and homeschool message boards...or sit here and think  "I should be cleaning/organizing something..."
  • Homeschool book organizing progress: the books I am done with have been put neatly into boxes awaiting storage. Problem: they cannot be stored because I need bigger boxes to store them correctly.  So I have a few open boxes of books sitting on the floor in front of my neat bookshelf.

Um, yeah.

  • We had orientation for Biola Star high school classes. This year we have both Meg and Josie taking classes.  Orientation day found me volunteering with registration.  I was set up at the table where we figure out how many study hall periods your kids need and how much to charge you.  Remember- homeschoolers tend to have more than the average number of children. Remember-I am not a math person.  Remember- I have anemia brain +mommy brain + blond brain.  I am also shy and seem to becoming more introvert as I age. It was stellar, really...
  • We went to Meg's Inklings class open house thingy.  This is the very high academic /high expectation / literature class I was so excited about.  This is the class I am re-living the high school experience I would have loved...and this is the class that Meg begged us to drop after we went to the orientation a few weeks ago.  So....we go to this before school starts meeting, and the tutor is not there. His lovely/very intelligent wife was standing in his place.  She is a graduate of this program and has taught it herself.  She was very impressive..but she couldn't answer any questions about when stuff was due.  I sat in the classroom and listened to several kids hyperventilate about when stuff is due or overdue and realized I had no idea any of it was due or overdue.  I hate that feeling of being clueless in a room full of people and being the mom, so I shouldn't be, yeah. I went home and wanted to drop it.

The class hasn't even started yet and we have multiple assignments turned in but possibly late...and a writing assignment I have no clue about and 3 syllabi that say slightly different/vague things.  Sigh.  Big sigh.

  • Remember that we quit teaching Sunday School?  (I'll wait till you click over) well, we were allowed to quit but then asked to consider teaching 6 th grade where we'd only have 4 kids.  So, we reconsidered.  Jury is still out there, but I think we are not being allowed to quit...
  • I live in a wonderful neighborhood, think The Wonder Years...and on a nice, quiet street with great neighbors.  The only stand-outs are the college boys who rent 2 doors down..but after a rough start they have settled down quite a bit. A wild hot tub party till 1 a.m. every now and then is not as bad as it could be, nor as bad as it was the first few months they were here. Until last night.  In a drunken crowd they let off illegal fireworks at 3:30 a.m.  Lovely.  I almost went over and went all Anne of Green Gables or possibly all Amy Ponds on them... I can do a great "Oy!"  but just rolled over praying it would stop or that someone else would call the police.  From the screams and yells a few minutes later we think someone's husband might have went over and used good-ole-fashioned neighborhood justice instead...we can only hope.
  • The Bible college boys are back on Sunday nights for dinner, yay!
  • Josie started back to fencing class, the kids are back to piano class.  We hit the pool instead of the beach this week.
  • Sky took me to an Angels game yesterday. We won, whoo-hoo!

So, how are things with you?