52 books in 52 weeks ~book 12 *Best Friends Forever

Photobucket Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner  is the story of Addie Downs, a girl who did not quite fit in, but yet was lucky enough to find a fun best friend.  Valerie Adler moves in across the street when they are 9 years old.  Addie's family isn't quite like everyone else's but they are warm, loving and good.  Valerie lives with her selfish, self-absorbed mother and pretty much fends for herself.  Valerie grows out of her awkward stage, Addie does not and in highschool the girls have a dramatic betrayal and falling out.  This is the story of what comes next, of Addie finally deciding to do some brave things and change her life- of the crazy/hairbrained adventures Valerie brings back into her life.

The story is very much an adventure, I was hooked on finding out what would happen next.  The ending was a charmed one, Sky would call it a "Jenny-ending" -the magical happily every after kind of endings...almost.  Not a perfect ending, but a surprising and good, hopeful one.

This is one I would recommend, it's very entertaining and good fun.

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