Homeschool Village Garden Challenge -Link up #4

 It has been a pleasure to  link up with The Homeschool Village for their garden challenge.  I have so enjoyed watching the progress of our garden, through my monthly photos- something I would have missed out on if not doing this challenge.

Here is the garden way back at the end of April.  Just a few things in the garden.  My photos for the March challenge were of our potted plants, we did not have anything beside the blackberries, in the ground yet.

Here is a current look of the garden at about 2 months later.  Our garden has for sure taken off!   The huge plant front and left is a zucchini plant.  In our garden right now, we also have a cucumber plant, several varieties of tomatoes (including little cherry tomatoes) bell peppers, chili peppers, green onions, green beans and corn.

Here are the green beans.  My kids like to eat these raw out of the garden :)

We have a few stalks of corn.  Not too many, because they would cast too much shade.  There is nothing like corn on the cob, just minutes after you picked it.  I like the morning glories the kids planted with them this year, makes the corn kind of impressionist, don't you think?

A Bible verse we have been discussing here at the house, in relation to our garden is this one:

"If a man will not work, neither shall he eat." 1 Thessalonians 3:10
 We have been discussing how it is right that a man capable of work needs to work to provide for himself and his family and also about the end result of work plus planting: how it is a gift and a wonderful thing that you can plan, plant and work a garden, and how in return, you will harvest food to feed yourself and your family.  We have also told the kids about how, during times when work was not plentiful, Sky's father- who had 7 kids, would turn the backyard into a huge garden and work it, so he could feed his family.  I am honored to have him as such a great example.