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Here's stuff I visit when I'm not here blogging..somehow surfing takes up less energy/brain power... :)

  • BlogHer is coming up, squee!  Anyone else going?  This will be my first year!  I am so excited, and kind of nervous.  For those of you attending- or for anyone planning on attending a blogging conference soon, Amy over at Delusional has a great blog series about BlogHer and branding yourself.  Click on over :)

{Number 10 on this list says it brilliantly, one of those "I wish I wrote that" moments...}

10. "...J.K. Rowling took an enormous risk, gambling the climax of her epic series on her ability to build up Snape’s ambiguity to a screaming point and then pull off an unspoiled reveal at the end. And what do we see when all is revealed? A vision of love so white-hot that it dazzles....