52 books in 52 weeks-book 10

The Laws of Harmony by Judith Ryan Hendricks is a book about love, loss, strong women and friendship.  The story starts out with Sunny Cooper trying to force her boyfriend to level with her and tell her what has gone wrong with their relationship.  Something is wrong with them...money problems? another woman?  She's at a loss and he's not talking.

A tragic accident changes her life, and the story follows Sunny as she remakes her life, all while her childhood memories color and influence her feelings and choices.  You see, Sunny grew up on a hippie commune in New Mexico- and while she despised parts of her childhood, you can see that it also contributed to the caring and very strong woman she has become.

Her thoughts, memories and journey in this story are gripping.  I think she does what all of us sometimes long to do, step out and claim a full life in a new, beautiful place.  There is a bit of mystery in the story, a few big surprises, and a few possible love interests. I enjoyed how real the author made the people in this story, how real she made the places feel, and how authentic Sunny's experiences were.

The end was warm, full and satisfying...though I can be a bit simple and kind of like everything to be all tied up neat and happy at the end- I didn't exactly get that, but the author gave a satisfying nudge in that general direction.  I closed the book satisfied, happy and feeling warmed by this story of grace and strength. 

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