Mad Dog Math - our Summer of Math begins

Today was our 1st day of Summer homeschool.  Teddy was out for a week vacationing with his grandparents, so we took the week off, also.  Now that he is back, I started in on my Summer plans for learning.  First up:  Mad Dog Math.  This is a program for learning your Math facts.  We are working through the multiplication/division series, but an addition/subtraction series is also available.

I purchased the homeschool binder edition.  Also available is a homeschool computer program and then a School program- both binder and computer.  I kind of like paper and pens ;)

I set myself up for some angst when I first brought it home- and kept putting off opening it till I had a chunk of free time to sit and read through the instructions and time for photocopying the drills.   

Sheepish admission here...when I did pop it open (late at night during an asthma breathing machine episode for Demi..I figured, hey, I'm awake...!) I realized that no prep work/time/reading was needed.  I was happily disabused of that notion.  I didn't really need to make copies, either- the drills are intended to be worked with handy wipe- off protectors and a dry erase pen. :)

Today was our first day.  We spent the morning reviewing our 2 times tables, using the flashcards that came with the program and then I had the kids write them out a few times, and we chanted them.

Next came the timed drill.  Demi and Teddy made the 2 minute club, Amie had a bit of trouble, so she will be working with me tonight on them and then doing a slightly different 2 times drill tomorrow.

Tuesday, the kids will move on to the 2 division facts.

Summer of Math, Math, Math...

 A Full review coming soon after we have used the program a few weeks, promise!

*disclaimer: I purchased Mad Dog Math at a discount in exchange for my honest review here  -keeping it all so real and legal, blog friends ;)