jones-ing: a confessional

I've mentioned before how much I identified with the character Bridget Jones (the book was even better than the movie...)  [and ok, beside the drinking/smoking/cussing/sleeping around- I am just like her!]
I alternate between wondering what the heck is wrong with me- to trying to fix it- to just going with it.

So.... here's what is going on with me:

  • I have 3 people arriving from Holland sometime tomorrow, to stay for 2 weeks...and my house is really messy.  I homeschool 5 kids and I am worthless in house-hold matters- kind of messy.

  • A family of 4 will be arriving on Saturday.  

  • I had all weekend to do some deep cleaning, because Sky took the 2 littles with him to Northern Ca to put in a tank-less water heater for his brother.

       I puttered all weekend, slept till 11 am each day and alternated between daydream-lusting
for my missing husband and reading novels.  

  • I cleaned out my homeschool closet [3 weeks ago] so I could sell some curriculum/ materials we are not using.  I took some photos of said materials to post. Then I left two huge piles on the floor of the family room. They are still there.

  •  I had a new friend over yesterday afternoon for some painting time.  I used to paint before I was married, and keep meaning to pick it up again, but never really do.  So, my new friend paints and we decided to get together & schedule paint time- because I will never, ever get my paints out and sit down and do it otherwise.  The morning of, I was so tempted to cancel because I have all this housecleaning I should do!!  I kept our appointment, and I am really glad I did.  I had so much fun and have my hen painting 3/4 done!  I'm really glad, except I feel guilty that my house is still a mess...

    So today should be my big push day for housecleaning,  I do seem to work best under extreme pressure. Um... I overslept, woke up at 8 and had to scramble to get Amie to VBS on time.  Went to grocery store on way back, went running walking, did a half-hour math with the kids and then hit shower.  Made lunch for kids, picked up Amie. It is now 2 o'oclock and instead of cleaning I am at Barnes & Nobles with kids.  Sky grounded Demi from movies & video games [thank you soooo very much, by the way] and so I had bored kids on my hands. Barnes & Nobles it is!

    The rest of my day? I have to be at Irish dance with Amie & Meg by 4, so I will have to make dinner before I leave.  When I get back, Sky is taking me to an Angles game.  This? I can't resist, I haven't been to a game in a few years, usually he takes the kids.

    I am praying my good luck will hold out, and my Dutch friends will not arrive till very, very late on Wednesday night.  We will be moving from company cleaning to Guerrilla housecleaning.  To wit, clean first the bedroom they will sleep in, then the guest bathroom, then the other parts of the house as I have time.

    remains un-opened in the mailing envelope it arrived in.  

    I live a deliberately ironic life or perhaps a karmic one.      

    other than all that, I only have to comment on Dr. Who...

    River Song!!!  Just wow, the last episode was amazing.  Who knew? 

    So, internets, I hope you are having a far more productive Summer so far than I am... :)