7 Quick Takes Friday, June 24


Goodness, where to begin?  Summer got an early start here with Meg's birthday.  Not just any birthday, but her sweet 16.  We had a small party of friends and family.
 We never got around to the prizes and hula-hoop contest, and the waterballoon toss was nixed..in favor of a massive water balloon fight!
Our school year ended, all paperwork completed and put away :)  We are now on a very relaxed schedule of Math and writing work.  I need to organize my homeschool closet and sell some curriculum we are through with.  I just haven't gotten that far yet....
Sky's truck was in the shop, and then my van began to have problems.  Sky fixed it, but we decided to go car shopping.  My van is 10 years old- I had my heart set on a new, smaller cross-over car that seats 5 or so.  My thinking was that with Meg driving I wouldn't have all the kids with me anymore.  Also, I have this inner rage against the mini-van.  A girl can dream, right?
So, I did some research and pretty much had my heart set on a small crossover in chai brown.  How could I not get a car in the color chai??  Funny story for another post...but I came home 
with a 5 year old minivan in silver.  I continue to {{ rage against the mini-van...}} 
I keep trying to leave, but they just keep pulling me back in....!
  (there is an awesome blog with this awesome name, as soon as she makes a bumper sticker, I will be putting one on my van!)
Meg had an Irish dance competition (called a feis) at the Irish fair.  I think this is my favorite feis {pronounced "fesh"}  It's so much fun, so much to see- and great photo opps!
BlogHer '11 is coming up...anyone else going???
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