52 books in 52 weeks -book 9

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels- A love story by Ree Drummond - this is the story of small town girl lured by the bright lights/big city ~meets rural cowboy.  Most of us know Ree as PW from her blog Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and from her cookbook (and her awesome cooking section on her blog).

Much of this book was first shared in serial form on her blog, where I gladly read along.
Because I read it first on her blog, much of the story was not new to me, but I noticed it was presented better: there were some details added, and the section on the wedding and the following year were all new. 

So, if you don't know PW, this is the story of a small town girl, who dreams of living a grown-up, sophisticated city life.   After attending college in So. Ca, she makes a stop at home to regroup and plan her graduate school dreams of studying law in a big city such as Chicago.  What she doesn't plan for, though, is to meet a handsome, rugged cowboy in a bar one night.  Once he finally calls her, she is swept away into a whirlwind romance.  Will she give up her dreams of law school and city-living to be a rancher's wife?  We know the answer, but the book is fun- following along as it happens.

PW is smart, pretty, but best of all, self-depreciating.  She has no problem pointing out the comedy in her life, usually at her own expense.  Which is why, I think we like her.  I have to say, that I really laughed out loud several times while reading this. 

A fun read, and it's rumored that the movie rights have been sold. 
So, who should play Ree and Marlborough Man??