Homeschool Village Garden Challenge- Link up #2

 The end of April finds our garden filling out a bit, but still quite empty. We've got our blackberry vines in the back, against the wall.  In front of them we have a few rows of celery, and in front of the celery we have a few heads of romaine lettuce.  Further up on the left, we have some green onions and garlic, up front on the left we have a zucchini plant and on the right an heirloom tomato.  We've got various plants started in pots. 

This is our very first year growing celery.  I have never seen real celery growing as a plant.  I was really enchanted with the whole thing.  Sad to say, my kids have never seen real celery growing, either.  I went out this weekend and cut my very first stalks to use for dinner :)

Here is our romaine lettuce.  We've had this before.  This year we tried to space out the planting, so we wouldn't have it all ready at once.  we did better, but i still think I might have to give some away, we've got several ready to be picked this week.

The kids have not been very involved with the garden this month.  They've done a bit of weeding, but we still do not have a whole lot out there.

A book we've found very helpful,  California Gardener's Guide

I am linking up with The Homeschool Village's Garden Challenge :)