7 Quick Takes on Wednesday, May 18 prom edition

Where to start?  This week was incredibly busy for this quiet, stay at home (well, I try)
homeschool mom.  First, most of the week was filled with thought of preparing for homeschool Prom.

This was Meg's second dance with this homeschool group, but her first ever with an escort (a friend) and her first ever Prom.  Gosh, it seems like just yesterday I was having my picture taken with Dh for his Prom.  It really seems like yesterday.
 Meg also took and passed the test to get her driver's permit..so she can begin behind the wheel training.  We had to go to the DMV for this.  Pressure was high, for Meg to pass it the first time, because I was not a fan of having to go back...
Demi-Sky tested for his yellow belt at the Pa Kua studio.  Saturday was the belt ceremony.  I was so proud of him. 
Again, where has the time gone?  It wasn't long ago that he was my chubby little toddler.
the different belts being awarded that day, kind of exciting.
Back to prom...it was a pretty comical scene, the boy's mom also had a nice, big SLR camera and we were like these dueling moms...taking all these photos.  At least having her show up with a nice camera made me feel less over-the-top....!
Another Prom thought...so we had to get the dress, alter the dress, matching shoes, nail polish...get her ears pierced!  (because her friend bought her sweet earrings to wear to prom) take her to get her hair done...wew!  On my way back, late- from getting her hair done (by a niece who is in cosmetology school -score!) I had this thought...
"I need to call my sister-in-law and congratulate her on having 4 boys."
Non-Prom..but still Meg related:
We survived the homeschool Physical Science class (Biola Star Program) Science project.
Barely.  I shudder when I reflect that we will have to go through this many more times.

 here is Meg working on her display board the night before. Fun, fun, fun times....
I am gearing up for next homeschool year, looking at what we will use next year- I've already ordered a few things used...score!  Saving money makes me happy! :)
How is your week coming along, bloggy friends?  Hope it's awesome!
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