Shamrock Shakes -make at home

 Tuesday we headed out to the park after our studies were done.  It was a beautiful day in So. Ca. The kids, Emma-the-wonder-labradoodle and I went to the park to enjoy the day, the playground, and to walk.  We picked up Shamrock Shakes on the way.

Shamrock Shakes are a really good memory from my childhood.  I love passing on this St. Patrick's day tradition to my kids.

Yum :)

 Shamrock Shakes X 5 kids = ouch, however.  

I decided after this splurge, that maybe we should try making our own at home for St. Patrick's Day.

Home-made {easy} Shamrock shakes

2 cups vanilla bean ice-cream

1 1/2 cup milk

1 teaspoon mint extract 

4 drops green food color

(doubled this to make enough for my crew) I put a banana in the first batch to make it healthy...but decided you could taste the banana too much.  It was still good, but not the same Shamrock shake taste I was going for.

The taste verdict:  Yum!

The homemade version of Shamrock Shakes was a hit.  We will for sure do these at home next year.

And happiness reigned in homeschool land
The End.