Internet Awesomeness on a Tuesday night!

Links of note:

  •  watch Food Inc.  Sky and I finally viewed this.  Honestly, I was intrigued but put off watching it because I was wary of being inflicted with a vigilante docu-horror filled with lots of footage of cow lots.  This movie was not like that at all.  The best explanation I found- was given in a review of the book The Omnivore's Dilemma- which I am reading next..- here's the description,  

"approaches his mission not as an activist but as a naturalist"

 Perfectly summed up the approach of this movie.  It really made us think about making healthy food choices.  I really recommend this movie.  You can watch it on instant download on netflix.

  • Let's make apple cinnamon chips from  lately we've been all about banana chips at our house, we can buy them in bulk at the local health food store.  We've been so into them that I was thinking of buying a food dehydrator.  This recipe is done with an oven..simple, I like simple.

  • This recipe *Johnny Marzetti with cheesy noodles over at Once a Month Mom.  I've been rock'n this recipe lately, which is quite a feat, since I am not really a good cook.  The best part? -it gets easier and quicker after the first time :)