a peek at those less than stellar homeschool moments

A fellow homeschool blogger on the hive boards suggested we dare to chronicle the less than wonderful moments of our homeschooling week.  I am convinced no one really wants to see how messy most of our bedrooms are right now, or the pile of laundry in my room, or the toothpaste gobs my younger two kids leave everyday on the sink.


Maybe it'll change your perception of me to know that I do not clean up those globs everyday, or make the two guilty persons clean it up everyday...but I ignore it for about a week and then clean it up/or make them clean it up.
I'll spare you the photographic proof.

I will share our Friday with you, however.  This is what our dining table looked like after we finished our lessons for the day.  We finished up, and then all my obedient, loving children scattered to the four winds, leaving this mess.  Kind of makes me want to scatter, too.  The one good thing about doing our schooling at the dining table is that the books do need to be put away by dinner time, at least.

So, my kids scattered- and I began putting the books away.  I looked over my shoulder and noticed this stellar moment happening behind me.  The three youngest students had gone straight to the couch in the family room and turned on the wii.  I looked over and was struck with their slack-jaw/mesmerized expression and remembered this blog-dare.  I knew this would be the moment I would capture.

Notice, for bonus points, the unfolded laundry piled on the foosball table.  I have a laundry "nook" with no counter space, so I usually put clean laundry on the foosball table until my kids fold it and distribute the piles to their respective owners. 

So, is a little bit real good to read on a blog, or can too much real be a turnoff?