7 Quick Takes-Homeschool edition

Okay, this one is not about homeschooling-but I have to tell you about my love affair with oats.  I purchased Nourishing Traditions solely for this recipe.  The photo above of my beloved blueberry oatcakes.  You soak the oats overnight in a warm water/yogurt mix.  I add the blueberries, cinnamon and nutmeg when they are in the pan. When I'm out of blueberries, I use shredded apple. When I am really being good to myself, I use both shredded apple & blueberries!  I could live on this stuff, I eat it for lunch sometimes also. :)
Oatcakes + shredded apple+ fresh blueberries + real maple syrup = true love forevah!
Homeschooling is moving along, my 4 youngest students are wrapping up their art studies for the year, February is their last month.  Josie is working on a dragon painting, I think she might have to finish this one at home.  She is hoping to enter it into the county fair this year.

Teddy is working on an oil painting still-life.  He is really doing great work and has really blossomed this year with art.  He declined to take art the last 2 years, but this year his mother and I decided to not give him a choice in the matter- and it has been really good for him!  His handwriting has improved too, I think. 

My oldest, Meg went to her very first Winter Formal dance!  This was put together by the parents of the Private homeschool program she takes 2 classes through.  She was so excited.  Being a homeschool event, dates were not required and were not encouraged- this being the only reason her dad let her go! She had a great time, her college- age cousins took her shopping for her dress and did her hair and make-up, they really showered her with love. :)


We started using Writing With Ease with the 4 youngest students. I am really liking this program. More about it later.
I've had really horrid -what I think are-anemia headaches for 5 days running.  It became difficult to homeschool.  I gave up today, Wednesday-and after dropping Meg off to work at the stables, I crawled back into bed. (it helped that Teddy is not here on Wednesdays & they are our 'light' days-school-wise) The headache finally totally went away this afternoon.  I am so thankful they are gone, I cannot even imagine trying to homeschool with a chronic condition, like I know some moms do.  My admiration and prayers go out to you. 
I've been so busy keeping up with the day to day, that I haven't done anything crafty/artsty or waldorf-y...I feel sad about that, but I'm hoping to start with some fun stuff next week.
I hope you are all having a great week, bloggy friends! :)