7 Quick Takes Friday, January 14

We finally took Demi-Sky and Teddy (my bonus student) to try out a martial arts class. They loved it, and I loved how hard the instructor worked them!  He had them running/jumpin/ducking and doing push-ups.  This is going to be really good for them :)
Amie has been very close this year to a little girl here from Holland while her parents attended Bible College.  After a 2 year stay, they went home this week.  We had dinner with them one last time.  I am so sad for my little girl, Amie bonded very quickly & deeply with Cathelyne. 

We've had some wonderful Fall-ish- crisp days here in So. California.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the park.  The kids played dog relay (good exercise for them and for Emma the wonder Labradoodle!) and then tag on the playground.  
P.E. - homeschool style :)

We also hit the skateboard park this week.  This is p.e. for the 3 youngest.  Here is Teddy getting his gear on. I love my iphone, I love being able to capture the everyday- even when I do not have my 
big camera with me.

I've joined up with the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. Here is my
1st of 52 book review for the challenge. You can go to the 52 books in 52 weeks website to join up! You can join up at any point.

We had a sudden change in weather & temperature today.  It's been pretty chilly lately, and during Christmas it was rainy.  Today, we had the Santa Ana winds run through- and they bring warm, dry temperatures with them.  Today it hit 83 degrees, whoo-hoo!  The wind knocked down hundreds of these ping-pong sized spiky balls from our sweet gum tree.  They are a hazard to step on, they can roll under your foot, and the spikes are painful to the dog and hens. I love the tree though, despite the prickly balls...it is very beautiful in the Fall and Spring.
Our Sweet gum problem was the perfect opportunity for "more work, and plenty of it!" -this is good for the building up of a boy.  I sent Demi & Teddy out to rake and sweep them up.  I've said it before, I love having minions!   Kidding aside, I do think productive work that benefits the family - is a good thing for boys...get them out doing physical labor that they can feel good about.  
I hope your week was wonderful, bloggy friends! 

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