Simply Woman's Daybook, December 7

FOR TODAY... from My Daybook

Outside my window... I see the 3 youngest kids playing outside. Today was a beautiful, beautiful day here in So. Ca-in the high 70's.

I am thinking... about planning I need to do for the rest of the week, and about craft materials I need to pick up, if we are actually going to make crafts.  I am determined that busyness will not stop us this year from making winter crafts.

I am thankful for... my husband

I am wearing... jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a long gray cardigan.

I am remembering... things I need to do still.

I am going... to dance class after dinner

I am hearing...Josie practicing the piano, Sky using his saw in the garage.

I am reading... "The Life Study of Isaiah" and I just finished "The art of racing in the rain"- one of the best books I have read, and yet it captured me a little too much, I'm taking a break before I start new fiction.

I am hoping... that the washing machine repairman will arrive tomorrow with the right part this time. (the washer broke an hour before we left on our trip to Spokane...!)

From the learning rooms...the dining room is cluttered with our notebooks and math books from our learning time this morning.  Meg is at the table finishing her work.

A few plans for the rest of this week... to start a winter craft, Science and History in a big way for school, an Irish feis this weekend.

Pondering these words...

"I don't look back, but I know he's there.  I bark twice because I want him to hear, I want him to know.  I feel his eyes on me but I don't turn back.  Off into the field, into the vastness of the universe ahead, I run.

"You can go," he calls to me.

Faster, the wind presses against my face as I run, faster, I feel my heart beating wildly and I bark twice to tell him, to tell everyone in the world, to say, faster!"

                                                  -The art of racing in the rain by Garth Stein

the ending and beginning of this book are some of the best writing I have read.

From the kitchen... baking chicken for dinner.  I coated chicken in a mix of flour, pepper, onion powder and diced fresh rosemary, then put in a dish with chicken and rice soup.  It's super easy and Sky likes it.

Around the house... Sky just finished painting our bathroom, it is now brown, with one wall having stripes.  It was a little scary going for it, but it looks great. :)

One of my favorite things~ sliced apples with cinnamon. 

From my picture journal

new spelling notebooks for my 3 youngest students