notes from home this week

 Our Christmas week is pretty peaceful, the only celebrating happens at the grandparents' houses.  Here at home, it's peaceful, un-busy, simple.

We had a bit of wet weather here in So. Ca,
-needed rain, but we are not used to so much.  Usually around here, it rains at night, and we wake up to a sparkly new day.  Once in a while, it will rain during the day.  This is the moment we open the front door and say out loud, "what is THIS? ..this is not what I ordered!" and then we wonder where we put the one umbrella we own the last time we used it, oh two years ago.  And then we give up the thought and go outside without it. 

We are not used to a lot of rain, and not built for it.  Our chicken coop did not pass inspection.  Major leaks and the dirt porch portion was a big soppy, soupy mess.

I called the kids to muck it out.

I love having minions.

Luckily, Sky remembered to have Demi put on a breathing filter- he is allergic to outdoor mold, I would have been up with him at 1 a.m. doing asthma treatments.  He has to wear it to do yardwork, too. 

The next day, rain resumed and we were back to the soupy mess.  Sky remedied this by putting down plywood on the floor.  Instant happy, dry hens.  Oh, and he purchased a tarp for the roof.  Part of our coop has a concrete floor and nice little nesting boxes, but the hens prefer to perch in the more open front porch portion...we even tried to move them to roost in the drier portion, we took down the perch...and they went back to their usual spots and sat there, huddled and wet.  I wonder about them sometimes...

Our beautiful Ca weather is back, I hope.  Welcome back, sunshine..we missed you!
  The hens have resumed scratching around, enjoying sunflower seed and the garden.

Our week during Christmas is pretty low-key, but now we are into our week-long Bible conference, we have 10 people staying with's pretty crazy 'round here!

hope you are having a wonderful, very full week, bloggy friends :)