Agloves review and giveaway, gloves for the techie

 Looking for a holiday gift for someone?  Or maybe just looking to gift yourself? me, are gloves a necessity for cold hands?

Agloves are pretty neat, and stink'n brilliant.

Agloves are knitted gloves that you can wear and still use your touch screen devices with.

*wear: as in- you don't have to take them off first. See? Brilliant!

I received a pair to review, and they were not at all what I expected.  I thought they'd be kind of bulky and have something on the finger-pads to allow for touch screen use, but to my delight- my Agloves were thin, knitted gloves, not bulky- and totally smooth, no strange finger pad thing-ies.

I have something called Raynaud's Syndrome...we'll just skip ahead and say I have really cold hands, fingers and toes.  I am -a connoisseur of gloves- out of necessity.  I have a pair or two in my purse, a pair in my van, a pair in each of my jackets- and spares shoved under my bed.
I wear gloves in church, in So. California.  (it's because of the air conditioner)  Lately, I've been wearing gloves with these cute little finger and thumb that pop off.  But, they really aren't that cute, because they are bulky and the tops don't stay on, even when you want them to- so they look kind of messy and weird.

My new Agloves are sleek, fitted, but stretch-able.  They have silver fibers knitted throughout the entire glove, not just the fingers.  The entire concept allows you to text with precision, keeps the design lightweight for easier typing and evens out the temperature in your hand, keeping you warm.

I could get into the whole bio-electricity thing, and the whole AG/periodic table= conductive element thing (which as a homeschooler I find kind of cool...) but, you can click over to for the whole technical skinny- and this is where you can order a pair too :)

****here's the interesting, just in time for holiday giving part*****

Agloves is giving away a pair to one of my readers.  To enter, leave a comment.  Please make sure that you are reachable through your comment, or leave an email address.

Giveaway ends Friday, December 10th, 2010- 11 pm pacific time.
1 winner will be chosen through random generator.

This review was made possible through MomSpark Media. Thoughts, opinions and review are my own. I was given a free pair of gloves to review.  My free pair did not influence my opinion, however, I did, indeed find that they rock.  I tested them on my iphone, wore them in church- used them with my husband's iphone which has our hymnal for church on it...and wore them while taking notes.  See, they do rock!