Sunday link awesomeness!

 It's Sunday! Here is some awesomeness I've noticed around the internet: Enjoy :)

  • The Homeschool Blog Awards voting has begun over at The Homeschool Post. Click over to vote for your favorite homeschool blogs, and to find new reads.  That part is my favorite, finding new blogs to read... 

  • Nikon My Picture Town.  Free 2GB of photo and movie storage every month, or upgrade to 20GB a month for $2.99 -for those of us with no real backup of our precious photos...uh, yeah, I keep thinking I need to do something about that-besides every few months putting everything on a cd...this looks incredible, and easy. I'll report back once I try it out. (you can keep me accountable to stop thinking about it and actually doing it...)

  • What happens when a magazine decides the whole internet is copyright free...

The World's Dumbest Editor Incurs the Wrath of the Internet   for more, here is also
Swiper, no swiping! Stealing sucks  and for the original post by the author whose content was stolen, go here- Copy infringement and me

I am blogging this, and have tweeted these other posts, because I strongly believe that bloggers need to defend their ownership of their creative content- which is, indeed protected by copyright laws, even if published online.  We are all in danger of having our work stolen, if bloggers and magazines get away with such theft.