Homeschooling through the gray days

 Most days are not amazing homeschool days.  I have those, but most days are not those days.  And, some days are gray days- we work through our daily work like Math, reading, handwriting...
and my house is a wreck, the laundry pile is slowly over-taking my bedroom.  
We finish our school day, and the kids scatter.
I leave for one of two or three trips for various lessons/classes.
I come home, just in time to make dinner- and see
My house is a wreck, dishes scattered around the kitchen because child A didn't do them...
the laundry pile in my room, I swear is getting bigger and following me...
and the dining table looks like this.  Books scattered everywhere, waiting for someone (mom) to put them away on the learning shelves.
And yet,
I wouldn't choose an alternate reality.
I hear happy kids' voices coming from the backyard.  My teen is curled up on the sofa reading Little Women.
My dining table is full of school books, workbooks and crayons because it has been a full, successful learning day.  Contractions were conquered, the area of a triangle memorized and explained, division steps done over and over, someone cried over Father's letter home in Little Women (mom's tears) and a castle was painted.
I am blessed
overflowing and running down.