30 Day Giving Challenge -Day 1

30-Day Giving Challenge
I've been undecided about if I was really going to do this.  I like the idea of doing this, I love the idea of blessing others, and I am attracted to the idea of me being changed- in a deep, good sort of way.

But, frankly, 30 days of giving sounds like it needs some planning.  -Some scheduling, some purchasing/making things ahead of time... It sounds like something I would fail at.

But, here I am.

Day 1:

My giving, yesterday was to my children.  I gave them the gift of a mom who takes them to their activities with a joyful heart.  Many days I feel like mom-the-packhorse, as I trudge along, schlepping the kids around to lessons.  Even though I don't grumble about it, I'm sure that my thinking of myself as packhorse probably leaks out into my posture, my face, my vibe.  For the month of November, I am going to practice the art of joyful schlepping.

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