7 Quick Takes Friday, October 29

I continue to do a lot of this with Meg.  She has a job walking this horse.  He has an injured leg, we walk him like a dog.  It's a beautiful area, beautiful trails.  But, I am a really busy homeschool mom. I enjoy the walks, the views...seeing Meg so happy.  And yet, I'm kind of screaming inside the whole time I am doing this.  Did I mention that I am busy?

We opened the garden up to the hens.  It's like Disneyland for chickens.
This is Elsie, the caption should read: 
"hmm, where should I start first? Tomatoes on the left or lettuce on the right?"
My favorite breakfast of choice is old fashioned oatmeal, with brown sugar
and fresh blueberries. Love, love, love it!
I saw this at the supermarket- Dark Chocolate oatmeal.  I know better than to even
go there...it would be soo over for me.  I'll stick to what I am eating now.

I had our first meeting with Meg's new teacher with the homeschool charter school program
we put her into this year.  I homeschool all the kids through a charter school program, I do the homeschooling and planning, the teacher looks over our work about once a month and
records what we are doing.  It went really, really well, I think I am going to like her.
Meg is taking Russian this year.  I'm starting to question the wisdom of tackling a language that no one here can help her with.  Demi just asked to learn Chinese, I think I am going to say no.

Meg had another Irish dance competition (feis).  She has been so busy with school work, that she hadn't practiced much, she was considering not competing.  She went, and won an honorable mention, a 3rd place ribbon and two 4th place ribbons- not too shabby :)
Josie went away to Jr. High Church camp last weekend, this weekend it is Meg's turn.
Fun, fun, fun- great spiritual teaching...but, cold. I'm glad I'm staying home :)

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