7 Quick Takes Friday, Oct 1, 2010

Meg has a job exercising a horse. This is by far, her dream job. The horse has an injury, so this week we were walking him. Like a dog. This horse- his name is Joe, is kept in a part of Orange County we've never explored before. It is criss-crossed with horse trails. It's been delightful!

I think Meg's highschool classes with the Biola Star program, just might be the death of me. At least, the General Lit & Composition class will be. I kid you not, I did not have this level of writing until college, and I was in AP classes. If we can survive, I will have no doubts that Meg will thrive in college.
If. I. survive.

Beside her regular homeschool classes, her Biola classes and horse-walking...Meg was hired to dogsit/walk the two dachhunds next door and take in the mail/water plants for another neighbor across the street. She was one busy girl.

We've had quite the heat wave here in the OC. Monday, it hit somewhere around 112 degrees- which is not unheard of for parts of So. Ca- but it is unheard of for our part of Orange County.

The heat wave meant, of course, that this homeschool crew had to hit the beach.
It was perfect! The day we went, there was a bit of cloud cover, so it was very warm, but not blazing. Loved it! Also, the beach was empty, compared to during the summer. Loved it!

Today, we had a bit of thunderstorm and some rain. We do not get much weather here in OC, in fact, I can never find my umbrella because I only use it maybe once a year. We enjoyed the thunder and 15 minutes of hard rain. Then it was over. It was still a warm day, however.

We changed plans this morning- I was actually driving Meg to walk the horse when the rain started pounding. So, we turned around and stopped for bagels, instead. I snapped this photo of the rain pounding while the sun shone, at the Orange Circle- it's an antique district area..lots of shops, and best of all, bagels!

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