Science simplified for the Bridget Jones homeschool mom

Soo, homeschooling 5 kids...I am not super-organized. I'm actually very UN-organized. I keep hoping and praying this will change for me, but so

Some things have to give a bit...I've decided it's going to be Science. We are strong on Health as Science -I love Abeka Health readers, but the going to be more exploratory Science. I've realized we can hit Science hard and fast in the High School years (through outside rigorous classes with lab work). So, yeah, that's my plan, and how it's worked itself out.

This year we will be doing a mix of Science mini-unit studies, experiments (easy ones) and educational videos/readings -plus our steady diet of Health readers. (I like those, we just open and read :)

I found this experiment-driven book on Matter by Teacher Created Resources at my local Barnes & Nobles. It is for grades 2-5. It has easy experiments and worksheets to reinforce the lesson. -Be still my beating heart, I am a worksheet girl at heart!

Our first lesson demonstrated that certain kinds of matter can be recognized through the sense of touch, sight, smell, taste or hearing.

My first direction from the book was to pop up a batch of popcorn.
Even I can do that.

We then discussed/worked through our worksheet together identifying what our different senses told us about the popcorn.

Then we ate our popcorn.

Homeschool = cool school some days. :)

So readers, have you found a great Science curriculum or resource? Share in the comments, please!