Our Learning Areas

We don't have a dedicated homeschool room at our house. Our learning takes place in various locations- so mostly I am good with this. Some days, I do think it would be nice to have a room to display things in and then be able to close the door on all the mess...

Our house has a front living room and also a family room. Sky suggested I turn the front room into a homeschool room. I declined, after living in a very small house with a small living area (singular) I couldn't give up the luxury of not one living room- but two! Also, I thought it would be strange to have a school room as the first thing you see when you walk in...

I have a great big closet that I store my homeschool junk-habit (um, educational supplies) our learning area is comprised of this closet, the bookcase and our craft table pictured above.

This is my Ikea bookshelf. I love, love, love this bookcase. I would have several more, except that Sky does not think books are a major decor item.

I beg to differ...

On this bookshelf I have 2 different Sonlight Cores, and the top shelf holds magazine boxes for each student- these contain workbooks we use everyday- such as our Math. Next to each box is a 3-ring binder for each child, this holds their week's work plus work completed for the month.

Most of our daily work happens around the big dining room table. Our main living areas are all open to each other, so we have room to move around and to get the books we need.

This is my chalkboard of ultimate power- (from another post) it's a small wall between our dining room and family room. Sky painted it with chalkboard paint. I use it mostly for scheduling purposes, but I also sometimes use it for lessons.

Our school-life is part of our every day family life, it's just how we live, so I am very comfortable with it spreading itself out into our house.

I do admit though, some days, I think it would be really nice to have everything in a room that I could shut the door on!

Thank you for visiting our learning area,
tell me about your school spots...!