Randomness, Jenn-style

ooh- kaaay where to start?

1.Sky did an intervention on me. He's the linear, logical, civil-engineer guy..remember? So, it was the classic intervention. I had the split second decision to go ballistic on him, but decided I liked how nice he was being- he was approaching it from the trying to be helpful point of view...so I listened. I also listened because he was saying the same things I've been saying in my head the last few weeks. Lastly, I listened because we have this comfortable marriage where we approach life as a team, we are each-other's cheering squad, so I know he is trying to be helpful and I can't just shut him down, he is not the enemy, my soul-life is.

Upshot- I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. and be productive during the day. No blogging till after dinner. My Summer of Sloth has come to an end.
I guess that means I'm grounded??? Don't answer that.

I guess I can add "be the subject of an intervention" to my bucket list. Since I don't drink, smoke, do any kind of drugs and don't even swear...this was unexpected,
a bit.

2. I did get up at 6:30 Friday, and followed the logical order of events Sky suggested. It went really well. Until I decided to play hookey and hit the beach.

3. School is starting Monday for us, and as the Bridget Jones Homeschool mom- can anyone be surprised that I am not ready?? Don't answer that.

I planned to begin cleaning and organizing a week before. Then the weekend before.
-Now it is Sunday night and all I managed to do was clean off my big homeschool bookcase and load up all the kids new binders for the week. eh.

4. I asked Sky to do a mini remodel of our bathroom, since a big remodel is not in the budget. I was thinking new vanity top, sink and mirror. Maybe new floor tile if I can talk him into it. Sky remained un-interested. Until this week, he asked with some interest what I wanted, again. I came home 2 days later and found him ripping up the tile.
It would have been nice to get my stuff out of there and make sure all the cupboards are closed so they don't get drywall dust all over everything.
But, okay.
I do love that Sky can do anything he puts his mind to.
We couldn't just get a marble vanity top, of course the cabinet we saved and made new doors for is not a stock size...so Sky is making a new tile top instead.

5. Did I mention school is starting? I must go to bed now, because Sky will be waking me up at 6:30 a.m. (whimper)

6. I'm still on twitter off and on during the day..the ban did not extend to my iphone...or at least he didn't think of it.

tah-tah for now, see you internets after dinner!