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I stumbled upon these books at my local Barnes & Nobles- mine has a whole new big educational department. Things at my store were being moved all around, and I had my tail bent out of shape at first- I am at this bookstore once a week or don't go and move things and change things!

But, I do highly approve, now that I got to look through the new Edu-topia upstairs!

So, I found these two books, written for the classroom by two teacher/sisters with years of classroom experience and research. They do seminars and have a website.
-The 2 Sisters

The first book is about setting up a daily literacy routine that fosters independent work in the classroom. We all know I am the schedule-challenged homeschool mom...I am looking for ways to make a workable routine for my kids- and I need all the help I can get. These books look very doable, in a scaled-down way for the home.

The first book is The Daily 5 - which was written first, all about how to set up a routine of 5 activities for literacy. The next book, The Cafe- takes the subject of literacy further and shows you how to set up a notebook to track your student's goals, achievements and individual instruction time you spend with them. Okay, I'm only through half of the first book, but this is what I have taken away from skimming through and from my reading so far... Good stuff!

Next up, Ramona and Beezus review and lesson plan.

my mind is spinning with all the possibilities for a back to school unit study. Ask your students to write about what they were like at age 4, and how they have changed and grown at their current age. Oh the possibilities!! I love connections! :)

How about you, any good back to school finds?