For us, homeschool = TIME

Homeschool equals TIME
(this is a reprint/updated article of a post done Jan 9, 2009)

We homeschool for many different reasons. No homework, was not actually on the original list..but it has been an unexpected blessing. I am sitting here, blogging, while 5 kids play on the floor around me. They are not sitting at the table working on homework, but playing with the playmobil sets that live permanently (it seems) in my front room. Another blessing is the reality of 5 kids, ages 15 down to 8, -playing with each other.

I first leaned of the crazy idea of no homework when studying Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.

"Another attraction of Charlotte's [Mason] philosophy is that her schools never gave homework to students under the age of thirteen. When a child follows her method, there is no need for homework in the elementary years, because the child immediately deals with the literature at hand and proves his mastery by narrating at the time of the reading....
...Instead of homework, my children enjoy cozy evenings with good books and parental attention."
-A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola,pg.15

Of great benefit to us, are large blocks of free time. We use this free time for giving the kids space and time to create or master a skill. This free time is a gift for indulging in good old fashioned play- something we feel adds a much needed de-stress cushion to their day. This free time also affords us the opportunity to explore different interests through outside classes and lessons.

The greatest benefit/perk for our family is time to be together. We enjoy and treasure the large chunks of time we spend in each other's company- and we count it a precious commodity in the process of growing up our children to go out and walk their own walk of faith someday.

The last benefit is monetary. If our children were not homeschooled, they would be in private school. The huge savings we gain from not paying the really high tuition rates in our area- is money we are able to channel into lessons for our kids. These lessons would not happen if we were paying for private school.

Homeschooling is a big undertaking. It is a huge investment for mom, time-wise. The returns, however, have been so worth any sacrifice or work.

For us, Homeschooling = time.

my oldest is in 10th grade this year, and is taking a college course. As I drove her to her first day of class...I was slammed with the realization of how fast my time with her has come and is going.

thank you, Lord- for this time.