Sunday Night link-fun-o-rama

It's time for Sunday links! Good stuff I've found around the internet.

**First a Boredom Buster Summer idea from Good N Crazy blog- a recipe for Strawberry bread. She made this with her kids. I was actually brainstorming today about hands-on stuff to do with my kids, since I've been letting them run free-range wild the last week or two..and cooking was on my list. This recipe looks pleasing and not difficult.

**Next, The New Spice Guy- Study like a scholar...

**We watched Hello Dolly with the kids the other night. Just another chapter in our quest to make sure our kids are culturally educated....

here's my favorite song from the movie- Barbara Streisand was just brilliant, beautiful voice, beautiful everything, and so expressive!

So, what are your top fav musicals?