Sunday night awesome links!

interesting stuff I found this week on the world-wide-web

...because it's wide, and has awesome stuff....

  • First, just found this, and I'm in love with this song. I've always loved Amy Grant's voice...

  • I heart this blog. She is in California- look, we're neighbors, kind of...and she decorates in shades of white (who dreamed there were so many variations of white? there are!) and links to other places that decorate in white. I love this look. I also love red and gray and yellow.

I am now deeply conflicted.
Dreamy Whites

  • I just stumbled upon Paulette Insall-Artist & Mom, her blog is beautiful and inspiring. Go on over if you want to be inspired to get some art on.

How about you? Found any must-share stuff on the 'net?