7 Quick Takes Friday, July 2

We went to the Irish fair, to see Meg compete in Irish dancing.

I reveled in all the photo opportunities. Meg placed 4th in one of her dances, not as good as prior years. She has another competition in July and hopes to snag more ribbons.

This is the week for our Annual Summer Bible Conference, it's called the Summer Training- the training part, because it is more intense then a conference-it's more like a Bible course stuffed into one week.

Because it's Summer Training week, we have 13 people staying with us.
Plus the normal 6 of us.
Plus a labradoodle.
It's a bit crowded here.

we have 2 bathrooms. That's 19 people. 2 bathrooms.
It's not finding a place for everyone to sleep that is difficult, it's the bathroom situation.
We have a married couple in my boy's room. A married couple in the front living room, my 3 girls plus a visiting girl in the loft, 2 college age girls plus 1 mom on the bottom floor of the girl's room, 4 college boys on mattresses on the floor in the family room plus Demi-Sky on the couch in there. Emma the labradoodle sleeps in my room.
See, crowded.
But fun.

The conference subject is the book of Isaiah, through the lens of the New Testament.
Here is one of my favorite thoughts from one of the nights...
"Our God likes to play Hide and Seek, He hides, you seek. In your situations, you need to find where God is hiding in your circumstances."-Ed Marks, message 2

Here is another favorite gem from the meetings:
"The word of the Lord that we hear, becomes the vision that we see, and the vision that we see becomes the burden that we receive and bear." -Ron Kangas, message 1
There is so much more- the meetings run late, our young guests stay up late-then there is breakfast in the morning and study time, and then we pack up dinners and go to the meetings..then do it all over again.
It's a very blessed week.

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