Sunday Links on Monday, just because...

Just because I was tooo busy yesterday,but never-fear, here they are!

  • First, my friend Janae is doing a meme called Flashback Friday. I've been rather a bad friend, and keep forgetting to join up...or like last week, I was I am going to try to redeem myself and give it a shout-out here! Janea's blog is Pink Moss, click over to visit- and be sure to go back on Friday!
  • Darth Vader cookies. You know you have to do them now, to be the cool mom. From Bake at 350 via We are THAT family (thanks!)bonus: she gives you directions for icing, but she says they look cool without, too- if you are more the lazy mom, like moi...
  • Eggs Benedict for Father's day. Sky has off and on expressed an interest in trying eggs benedict, looked at those special pans-but had so far, not tried them. So, I whipped up a batch for Father's day. For someone who is not a great cook, this is huge. huge. I turned to the Pioneer Woman for help, of course. Her recipe did not disappoint. -Pioneer Woman Cooks Egge Benedict recipe here
  • Our new show is Dr. Who on BBC America. The new, 2010 one. We usually only have time for 1 show, we just ended our House run from netflix, before that it was Monk. We just stumbled onto Dr. Who, and we are hooked. It's Sci-Fi, adventure, mystery, British and scary all rolled into one. It's a bit too scary for our kids, we save it for after bedtime. My fav episode so far, "The weeping angels" - had me looking behind me for a few days, creepy.

Happy Monday!