Family camp

So, the Home crew went vacationing in Solvang, Ca..and then camping. Here are some of the fun things we found to do...

We visited a miniature horse farm. Meg insists on this visit when we are in the Santa Barbara area. QuickSilver Miniature Horse Ranch is a sweet visit, and in/near Solvang.
This is the "awwe!" moment, aren't they sweet?

We hiked to a small waterfall, and spied this mama deer and baby.

Here's the Home crew on the hiking trail.

We visited an ostrich farm. It made me real nostalgic, seeing the ostriches roaming free on the ranch acreage, made me think back to what it must have been like in the wild west, when the land was untamed, and ostriches were free to roam, with no fences to impede their journeys.

oh, yeah, wrong continent.

How many ostriches can you spy in this photo?
(I see 3... click on the photo to see it enlarged...)