First off,
internets, I'm trying to do this non-dairy, no-wheat a loose sort of way (because that's just how I roll..) Pretty much no dairy, and trying to cut out the wheat.

So, I bought some gluten-free bread, to replace the toast I usually have for breakfast.
it was kind of yucky.

It was Ener G Seattle brown loaf. My beloved cinnamon pear jelly made it barely tolerable.
**So, can anyone suggest better gluten free plus dairy free bread?

I'm betting on the wonders of the internet now...come on, don't fail me!

So, toast is out, but oatmeal is in- with strawberries and rice milk. Yeah!

Next, kind of related...

I'm on day 6 or so of the 30 Day Shred. I say 'or so' because I've missed a night here and there.

On about day 3, I noticed a flapping sound as I was jumping around, doing jumping-jacks.
I was relieved to be by myself in my room, no witnesses. 'cept Emma, but she is discreet.
So, I hear this flapping and decide it must be my tummy, which has got a roll on it,
hence The Shred. I hold on to it to stop the un-genteel flapping.

flapping continues.

I realize it must be my behind flapping. Horrors! I grab on- and flapping stops.

I thought motherhood robbed me of dignity, but aging trumped motherhood.

So, now my goal is not to be "shredded", but to humbly prevent butt jiggle when I run.

This, I did not ever predict.

TMI, maybe?