Links for a Sunday Nite

  • The Rusted Chain is giving away a gift certificate for her jewelry. Lovely hand-crafted jewelry. Hop over to enter! -Giveaway contest here
  • In Defense of Pollyanna, on the subject of book readers vs. book critics, hat-tip to Melissa Wiley
  • No Impact- thoughtful review of the book "No Impact Man" by Colin Beaven. I'd usually pass up this type of book, but Laughinglioness wrote a wonderful review, now I'm intrigued.
  • My ADHD pill went down the drain- over at Nancy Teaches. Our country is in dire need of teacher-advocates such as this one.

Elaine over at Our Crazy Life was so super sweet to give me this Sugar Doll award.

Here is what she said,

"I had to pick "Hen Jen" because I just know that if we didn't live on opposite ends of the country, we would be good friends! Her blog is full of great ideas for homeschooling! Some of her posts crack me up and others really make me think. I love that! You gotta check out her post about how she changed the world for a minute. "

I am all gooshy inside because she thought of me and wrote those nice things. Elaine writes about family life, home, and homeschooling her very adorable 3 sons. She does a great job documenting the different projects and activities they do, hop over and visit, you will be glad you did!

Finally, in honor of Mother's Day, I leave you with this classic;