the curious case of the missing cupcake

In a household of 6 people + extra kids running amok, the good snacks do not last long.

My eldest daughter has taken to stashing snacks in out-of-the-way places.
Not all of the goodies, mind you, but maybe one out of a box.
I stumble onto forgotten treasures when I am rummaging through the pantry.

The other day, dad brought home a box of hostess cupcakes. Meg's eyes gleamed, this is one of her favorite treats.

In secret, she stashed a lone cupcake inside the oatmeal canister, thinking,
no one eats oatmeal, really....

A day or two later, she poured herself a glass of ice-cold milk, grabbed a book and a comfy seat, and went to retrieve her hidden treat.

She found this:

comeuppance is best served cold, like milk.