Notes from home

things are a little bit crazy and chaotic, though that's not real unusual here...


The kids had standardized testing Monday and Tuesday. I did a lot of driving to and fro. The charter school staggered the testing times for diff. ages, which meant I was dropping off and picking up at different times. I was not a fan of this arrangement.


I've been pretty sick. I crawled into bed Friday and Saturday- and didn't emerge much. Amie had it, and Teddy had it. No schooling was done Wed. through Friday.


I lost my voice and had asthma/coughing fits that were worse at night. Saw the Dr. on Monday and he gave me asthma meds, an antibiotic and cough medicine with codeine. I think I went starry-eyed when he began writing the prescription for the cough medicine- did I mention it has codeine? - it's been many, many moons since I could sleep because of my coughing. I refrained from pumping my fist in the air and yelling, "yes!", so I wouldn't look like a junkie. Barely.


The Dr. told me the antibiotic would give me a metallic taste in my mouth, he advised I eat chocolate to counter this.
I told him, " I can do that." with a straight face, even. Barely.


I requested a different asthma steroid, since the last time I took advair, I broke out in hives and gained 5lbs in 2 days. (could much worse happen to a girl?)


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