Gluten AND dairy free? -Goodbye happiness

Cutting down gluten AND dairy day two:

um, not going so well :(

I finally clued in that it's not just lactose intolerance but maybe an allergy, switched to soy in my lattes...much better. Switched to Ezekiel bread because it is dairy free. Now I'm suspecting that wheat may be a problem.

yesterday I purposed to eat without/or at least less of these. I made it till 3 o'clock and then I had to have a piece of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter. Hello happiness! Then we went out to dinner at Olive Garden. It was all downhill.

today I tried again. Made it till lunch, had some scrambled eggs but I really wanted toast with it. Scrambled eggs without cheese in them is kind of sad.

help me.

send breadsticks. and bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

Goodbye happiness!

Brian Regan, his dairy bit is half-way through this. disclaimer, he does use the H word.