Daybook, Tuesday May 27

Simple Woman's Daybook happens weekly here*


Outside my window... mild, warm but slightly cloudy day

I am thinking... about the pile of books I need to make a dent in

I am thankful handy husband who makes my home ideas reality.

From the learning rooms... School work is all done, sending homework home with Teddy for tomorrow, he is not at our house on Wednesdays.

From the kitchen... baking chicken, something that I can prepare and pop in the oven before I leave with Meg for Irish Dance.

I am wearing..jeans and a sweater

I am creating...trying to pick a paint technique for the new pantry doors Sky made- I want the pantry to not match the kitchen cabinets, to look like a piece of furniture we put in-place. I am thinking yellow with red showing at the corners.

I am going... actually, I am already at Starbucks while Meg is at Irish dance, then I will head home.

I am reading...

and 2 other books which titles escape me at the moment...

I am hoping... no one else gets sick at our house, I'm ready for a healthy run of luck!

I am hearing... barista's making coffee-stuff

Around the house... house is a wreck, I've been spending too much time on the 'puter...

One of my favorite things... chai soy latte, yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wednesday is my relaxed day, yay!! BLT bagel is a tradition on Wednesdays! Thursday and Friday will be reserved for serious Science and History study.

Here is picture I am sharing...

(look to the upper right, can you see the duck?)