reading games: sight-word bingo for learning fun

Young beginner readers enjoy and benefit from playing word games. Through word games, your learning-to-read student will learn to recognize common sight words, and get phonics practice- all this while having fun, too. Here is one we had fun with last week:

Sight-word bingo is available in 3 different difficulty levels. You can find it at
Lakeshore learning. Teddy's special education tutor recommended this game to us.

It's bingo you remember, but with words. I was surprised to discover that not only my young beginner readers had fun with this game, but the 7th and 9th graders also, plus mom enjoyed several rounds of this.

In fact, as I type this post, Demi-Sky is playing this with one of the Bible college boys.

The kids really had a good time, we had several days with several games running back-to-back. I kept score of wins among the 3 littles..and ultimately the winner on Friday had the privilege of choosing a treat for everyone.

The choice was shamrock shakes..our first of the season! The game is playable with only two players also, just put the word cards in a bowl, face down and pick.

another example of homeschool = playschool

*this is an unsolicited review, sharing what we live with my bloggy friends...