Link-o-rama for Sunday

Links for Sunday! :)

...Then I thought about the grown man that he will I want him to see discomfort, and know immediately what to do?

I really loved this post, click over- you will enjoy your visit there.

I always get morbidly introspective near my birthday. When I turned 33 last year, I got nervous because Jesus went to the cross at 33-years-old, but my own faith won’t even let me ride in an airplane without breaking into cold sweat. Clearly, I am not where I need to be.

...I’m probably the only person with enough brains to brag about my arrogance and then congratulate myself afterword for repenting of it.

I know that there is grace for people like that, too. There is a seat at the King’s table. There is forgiveness. There is hope, and it’s all because of God’s faithfulness to do what He said He’d do as we confess and believe. Help our unbelief.

to read the whole post go here *Mephibosheth, the dirty dog

I think older kids would have fun with this, too.

  • Finally; drum-roll please...The perfect accessory for your ipad....the imaxi. really, go see! Look, it has wings! I'm still laughing....